Portable Trim Handling Systems

Save time and money with the new TrimPACEZ,
a convenient, portable and affordable trim handling solution!

How it works:
The TrimPACEZ vacuums trim waste through an inline material handling fan, to an on-board cyclone and into a high-capacity collection bag. Particulates are separated from the airstream and sent through 1 micron filtration. The TrimPACEZ can handle paper, die cuts, knock outs and continuous trim on its own, but an optional cutter enhancement allows it to cut and capture film and sheet, and non wovens.

The TrimPACEZ saves time and money.

  • Automatic trim waste collection increases line efficiency and reduces labor costs.
  • Dual collection bags allow continuous operation — you can divert trim into one bag while changing the other.

The TrimPACEZ is convenient.

  • Pre-engineered, so it arrives ready to install and operate.
  • Mobile, on lockable swivel casters
  • Virtually maintenance free.


Length:    66 1/4 inches
Depth:    39 1/2 inches
Height:    86 3/4 inches
Weight (Empty):    300 lbs

Sound Level:    78 dB/A (Typical)
Air Volume:    ~ 570 CFM
Fan Motor:    3 HP

Voltage range:    208 – 240 VAC
Frequency:    60    HZ
Phase/s:    1/Single #
Full load amps:    16 Amps